Developing measures of resource and energy saving in the electrode production

Energy and Energy Efficiency

Modernization technology of the electrode products manufacturing in direction of ensures the resource and energy saving and reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Development of new technical solutions that provide resource and energy saving in the electrode manufacturing process equipment, particularly in the shaft electric furnaces, baking furnaces, graphitization furnaces (indirect and direct heating); theoretical and experimental researches of the heat-electric, mechanical and thermal-hydrodynamic state of the electrode manufacturing process equipment, which eventually is the creation of scientific and technical principles to develop innovative technical solutions for modernization technological cycle of the electrode industry.

Problem solved:
The electrode manufacturing process is extremely energy intensive. For example, the specific energy consumption (SEC) only during baking electrode blanks is 1080-
1250 kW•h/ton, and it reaches to 4500-6500 kW•h/ton during graphitization in indirect heating Acheson furnaces. In consideration of the rest electrode manufacturing technological cycles total SEC can be more than 8000 kW•h/ton. Therefore, the development measures of resource and energy saving and reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment during manufacturing of the coal-graphite and graphite electrode is relevant.

Development status:
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets:
Electrode industry enterprises, nonferrous metallurgy, resource and energy saving, etc.