Software for Visualization of Texts

Программа визуализации текстов
Information and Communication Technology

This is a computer program, which makes it easier for a reader to work with the text.
User opens the text, and the program (semi-)automatically assigns the text to its graphics (animated) "dictionary" (knowledge base).
As a result, the significant part of the text is converted to moving characters who read aloud their speeches from text.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
There are three separate computer technologies, which are not connected together: 1) linguistic programs (automatic translators from one language to another, dictionaries, including illustrated), 2) automatic speech synthesis (English, Russian, Ukrainian etc.), and 3) graphical programs (for raster and vector graphics, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, and for the animation).
To connect together these technologies is a logical step, because a person thinks just like this: one reads the text, and corresponding audio-visual images appear in his mind.

Problem solved:
This program accelerates, enhances, deepens the perception of texts thanks to audiovisual technology.
It reduces the time required to get acquainted with text, to learn and master it.

Development status:
Concept or theoretical stage, not yet proven

Potential customers, markets:
- Сan be used in educational / training purposes (by children, pupils, students, also who learn foreign languages),
- For the development of thinking — especially by people with special needs (medicine, psychology)
- For screenwriters (scenario writers) / filmmakers, who create cartoons etc - as pre-visualization before screening
- To render any texts and dialogues (primarily) with simple actions / movements of characters - children's tales (mythological stories), literary (non-technical) works of various genres, etc.