Development of methodology for calculating the electrical energy and capacity losses in the elements of 0.4 10 kV voltage level when using the Automatic Systems for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption (ASCAPC)

Energy and Energy Efficiency

It is proposed to develop, coordinate and approve the methodology that would allow calculation the power and loads losses in the elements of power grids 0.4-10 kV in the Automatic Systems for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption automatically.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The offered project in contrast to known systems provides:
- The loss of energy is calculated when the accounting point is not based on the boundary point automatically;
- The loss of electricity for irrelevant consumers (sub-holders) is calculated automatically;
- Metrological attestation of the ASCAPC during automatic calculation of electrical energy and capacities losses.

Problem solved:
According to the "Rules of Electric Power Usage" (REPU) current account must be set up on the boundary point and consumers must install the ASCAPC.
The vast majority of consumers voltage 0.4/10 kV does not have a current account on the boundary point; and even in the presence of the ASCAPC losses in the grid elements are calculated manually. Losses for irrelevant consumers (sub-holders) are calculated similarly.
Lack of the methodology for automatic calculation of energy losses results in significant capital costs during transferring the accounted elements over the boundary point.

Development status:
Theoretical investigations for calculating electricity and capacity losses in electric grids of energy supply companies and consumers were provided.

Potential customers, markets:
Any consumers operating on the 0.4/10 kV, and having or planning to implement the ASCAPC, and with the current account configured not on the boundary point; the consumers with sub-holders of electrical energy.