Cleaning from deposits on the delivery pipes that carry water into the oil reservoir

Очистка от отложений труб, нагнетающих воду в нефтяной пласт

Tech mining and mineral processing

The use of cavitation for separating the deposits on the inner surfaces of the delivery pipes and followed their concentration in the center of the flow due to the magnetic field

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The use of (non-reagent) physical methods of delivery pipes cleaning

Problem solved:
Reducing the inner diameter of the delivery pipes because of the appearance of deposits, which leads to additional hydraulic, mechanical and volumetric losses

Development status:
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets:
The magnetic ultrasonic system of delivery pipes cleaning can be used by enterprises of mining, oil and gas industry, municipal water supply, heat supply and others, where the water purification is required.