Ultrasonic cavitation system decontamination liquids

Ультразвуковая кавитационная система обеззараживания жидких сред

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The development is designed to nonchemical disinfection liquids. Can be used to increase durability lubricating cooling liquid to disinfect wastewater industry, water treatment systems in residential buildings and pools for agriculture, medicine and pharmacology.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
 absence of by-products;
 lifespan of equipment;
 ability to process fluid flow;
 quality inactivation does not depend on the transparency, chemical and physical composition of the liquid;
 can be used in conjunction with filtration technology.
Features: The intensity ultrasound field W/cm2 - 60; Frequency kHz - 22.4, bandwidth, l / min - 100, power input, Watts - 1200

Problem solved:
Ecological deterioration of the situation in the world, the need for purification of waste water

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Foreign markets