A new class of powdered coagulant flocs sorption effect

Новый класс порошкообразных флококоагулянтив с сорбционным действием
New substances and materials

A new class of materials for treatment of water pollutants from various origins. The raw materials used by low-quality raw materials miscarriage Ukrainian deposits.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Proven technological and economic feasibility of using low-quality native Ukrainian deposits of kaolin clay to produce reactant complex action based on crude aluminum sulphate, whether active silica acid. For the first time proved the efficiency of processing low-quality native kaolin clay sulfatnokyslotnoho by sintering at a temperature of 573K to obtain composite coagulants without prior high-fired kaolin raw materials. As a result of researches the rational parameters of technological process of the new powdered coagulant (such flokokoahulyant-sorbent). A relatively simple hardware design technology and availability of raw materials makes it possible implementation of the developed method of said reagent in many enterprises (even non-chemical profile) and widely used in practice, the proposed reagent purification.

Problem solved:
Deteriorating environmental conditions in the country is one of the most dangerous threats to national sustainable development of Ukraine. Not primarily concerned ecological state of water. Among other factors, a significant proportion of permanent pollution are making many companies with small-scale (10 - 500 m3 per day) formation and discharge of wastewater. These water (or, more precisely, are solutions), respectively hygiene requirements can not be without pretreatment sent to the city sewer or directly into natural water bodies (but sometimes well done).Solve the problem may be due to a radical simplification of technology and lighting equipment operation and cleaning of wastewater that can be achieved when using coagulation songs - combined blends a wide range of powder (or granular) reagents - flokokoahulyantiv-inorganic sorbents. Cleaning the tonnage of waste water in this case is not economically burdensome because these operations can be periodic, implemented in simple hardware with prompt adaptation of the reagent to wastewater of different origin.For information on international and domestic counterparts such reagents are limited

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Enterprises and small commercial establishments with little education debit contaminated (waste) water