Development of technology for concentrating the wastewater for its complete elimination and obtaining dry residue

Sustainable natural resource management

When neutralizing a variety of wastewater types, such as mineralized wastewater of industrial facilities, mine water and many other types, regardless of the method used, full cleaning of all wastewater volume cannot normally be achieved, resulting in certain amount of concentrated wastewater containing a significant amount of contamination. Virtually the only way to eliminate this kind of waste is complete evaporation and extracting contained contamination in form of dry residue
The most common way of eliminating such waste is concentrating them in the immersible combustion evaporators. However, this process is very power-consuming and therefore expensive. The essence of the proposed innovation is development of evaporation technology of evaporation, which, compared to competitive, halves fuel consumption required for wastewater evaporation process.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The developed technology reduces fuel consumption by final evaporation of waste water 2 times.
Other known methods of increasing the efficiency of evaporation of this does not change anything.

Problem solved:
As for the large amount of wastewater the only way to complete their recovery is to evaporate, the development of technology that can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the process, of course, is in demand.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Among potential customers are chemical industry facilities (mineralized wastewater processing), the coal industry (mine water cleaning), and other facilities that require elimination of waste water.