Mini Distiller for medicine and pharmacy

Минидистиллятор для медицины и фармацевтики
Pharmaceutics Medicine

Distiller with tubular heat exchange surface and thermoelectric heat pump has performance <50 l/hour and consumption of energy up to 200 W—hour/l.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
In existing evaporators for distilled water and water for injection performance is 50 – 100 l/hour and the lowest power consumption is 600 – 900 W—hour/l. Use of energy recuperation in the form of increasing the number of evaporation stages or using of mechanical vapor compression in such small systems leads to considerable complication of construction and rising of costs. Application highly thermoelectric heat pump will reduce specific energy consumption in innovative distiller 3 – 4,5 times in comparison to existing traditional one or two-stage distillers.

Problem solved:
Reducing of electric energy consumption and lack of alternatives in proposed innovative method of enhance efficiency.

Development status:
Concept or theoretical stage, not yet proven