Magnetic adsorbent based on saponite for the cleaning of water systems

Магнитоуправляемый адсорбент на основе сапонита для очистки водных систем
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The magnetically controlled sorbents synthesized from the saponite clay are proposed to use for speeding-up separation of the spent sorbent slurry from water, for reducing water treatment sludge moisture and for improving the process of adsorption treatment. Methods for creating the magnetically controlled sorbents from the saponite and ferromagnetic particles Fe3O4 were devised; these methods based on incorporation the magnetite nanoparticles in the pores of the mineral during the mechanical mixing of the fine-dispersed sorbent with magnetic fluid. Due to the presence of magnetite particles obtained sorbents can be removed from liquid media under the influence of a magnetic field.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
A novelty of the invention consists in the using of magnetic fluid as the magnetic labels saponite sorbent; it helped speeding-up separation of the spent sorbent slurry from water more than three times. The proposed method is technologically effective because the absorption properties of saponite in the form of the magnetically controlled sorbents do not deteriorate, and in the case of water treatment from heavy metals they even improved. It is economically rational because material costs are insignificant (the technology involves using of simple equipment, namely sludge chamber with magnetic walls).

Problem solved:
The manufacturing methods that ensure efficient using of the saponite adsorbent have technical difficulties, namely the sedimentation separation of suspensions and elimination the spent sorbent slurry from water are impossible because of dynamic criteria of process. The previous solutions of this problem by means of additional reagents (destabilizers) insertion, increasing the time of the process or the additional powerful filtering equipment insertion were ineffective or economically waste. We suggest solving this problem by means of using the saponite in the form of the magnetically controlled sorbent; it allows using advanced surface stable colloidal clay particles for effective adsorption of water pollutants, and the spent sorbent slurry can be easily eliminate from water by the instrumentality of magnetic filters, simple designs.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Owing to the fairly simple instruments of the suggest technology and easily accessible raw materials the proposed method of wastewater treatment can be used by such chemical firms as electrochemical, petrochemical, and by paper, food and textile industries.