Bars is a multi-purpose wireless system of high-speed data transmission as the alternative for faber channels

BARS – высокоскоростная беспроводная альтернатива оптоволоконных каналов передачи данных
Information and Communication Technology

Bars is a multi-purpose all-IP system designed for providing wireless connection on the unprofitable or adverse territories or arias with undeveloped cable network

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The prime cost is less in 1.5-2 time

Problem solved:
Worldwide trend is highspeed Internet into any home into any village

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
GSM, 3G, 4G operators
Backhaul- operators
Corporations with well-developed infrastructure (transportation, pipeline, electricity production
Internet providers which develop WiFI-, CDMA- networks for bussiness-clients
Small Internet providers (100-200 clients)
Security agencies