Creation a pilot batch mini-piezo-profilometer’s for ensure mass application this of nanotechnological appliance in the process operational diagnostics quality of surfaces industrial products

Создание опытной партии минипьезопрофилометров для обеспечения массового применения этого нанотехнологического прибора в процесс
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The essence the project under consideration ― in solve the ambitious and contradictory problems, namely:
1) significantly to increase (at times) the accuracy of measurements, but thus on order of magnitude to reduce net cost piezo-profilometers to ensure their of mass production and introduction (such as, example, at micrometers or a shtangel-circinus) on all workplaces, where have the processing the controlled surfaces;
2) with via fundamentally of new designs mini-piezo-profilometer' and algorithm signal processing his sensor', besides the above problem, solve the problem of the universality measurement without additional devices, how of flat, cylindrical, convex, concave, so and of curvilinear or spherical surfaces up to 3...5 mm in diameter, including underneath controlled detail without its turning, well as continuity offline work more than 8 hours without additional charging (replacement) accumulators;
3) based on the unique national mini-piezo-profilometer' type "Profile" make a pilot batch of 5 sets of modernized profilometrical complexes for practical solutions of the first two tasks, preparing for mass production of these complexes and to creating a universal nanotechnological device that will measure not only roughness, but the deviation form or location controlled surfaces ― diaprofilometer and microhardness ― duroprofilometer.
One of the main stages to achieve the above-mentioned objective is create of the profilometrical smart-piezosensor fundamentally new design type "plug and produce", which, unlike existing in the world allows measure any curvilinear surfaces (along the route of the measurement), improve accuracy and stability of the measurement results without precise adjustment of moto-bloc profilometer on controlled parts with different diameters, as well as simplify establishing profilometer after replacing the sensor which is not demanding additional calibration electronics.
In addition, the words "smart", as well as "plug and produce" mean the creation mathematical support (of algorithms and computer codes) for processing signals coming of profilometrical piezosensor, which will facilitate the development and implementation of new energo-resourcesaving computer-technologies optimum machining any materials and wares through the opportunity to define and specify the productional regimes and also their sequence, which depending on current status of technological equipment, tuning of machine-tools, etc, would assure required by a technical document (by drawings), quality of the processed surfaces on condition minimum reserves of sizes unprocessed details and time of their machining.
Summing up it should be noted that in the framework of this project is planned, rehabilitate of the possibility wide use of are compact and inexpensive of the profilometrical piezo-sensors, first of all, by providing them technical advantages much more of are expensive magneto-induction of sensors (namely the possibility of "zero correction" regarding the middle line of the measured profile), through which the last has so far been out of competition.
That is, offered by us principally new patentability the design piezoelectric transducer and connected to it node basing motoblok’ of modernized device will allow renew piezo-profilometers competition on world market.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The advantages of the proposed technology are obtained thanks following to the distinguishing technical characteristics (of the performances) methods and facilities, to be used in ours devices.
1. The combination of profile contact piezoelectric measurement method with magneto-induction mechanical method move the sensor, what creates such advantages offered by devices: a) the maximum miniaturization and autonomy at most precise enforcing similarity principle of parameters profile’s and to electrical oscillations, b) do not require a power supply (batteries) motodrive.
2. Piezosensor with swinging mainstay and the by drive of type clock-work for: c) control of the curvilinear surfaces arbitrarily oriented in space, d) maximally indifference to external factors denormalizing and of wear, e) diminishing of size along the route of measuring before of size, commensurable with length of this route.
3. Devices for the exact tuning on any diameter with the subsequent measuring of these diameters and form’s deviations in a wide range on the elements of circle by the method of harmonic analysis Fourier 12 of profile’s areas, which allow f) without additional of expensive peripheral devices to control not only the flat open, but also various difficult of access surface.
4. System of tuning piezosensor which enables: g) control of microhardness on the basis of the simplified method Olivera-Pharr, h) extension of ranges to measuring of the controlled parameters at the simultaneous by general increase of exactness and stability corresponding of the measurements.
5. Mathematical signal processing piezosensor by period-gram-analysis with stepwise-change of discreteness computation, which justifies possibility, in particular: i) receipts of array data which maximally answer by real ordinates the profile of the probed surface, j) operative change number of measured parameters.
On the aggregate of basic techno-economic indexes exist in world analogues are inferior to our innovative products due its following parameters.
Technical parameters
а) do not require a power supply (batteries) motodrive, b) have continuous autonomous mode of work more than 8 hours without the additional charging or replacement accumulators of electronic block, c) are contain devices for the exact tuning on any diameter with the subsequent measuring of these diameters and form’s deviations in a wide range, d) have a size along the route of measuring, commensurable with length of this route, e) maximally are indifferent to external factors denormalizing and wear, f) allow without additional of expensive peripheral devices, to control not only the flat open but also various difficult of access surface, such as cervix of crankshafts, rotors of turbo-machines, and also internal pipes surfaces, cylinders and other openings, of big and little (to 1,5 mm) diameters, ring grooves of pistons, etc, g) are provide a checking feature arbitrarily oriented in space of curvilinear surfaces (along the route of measuring) with the minimum radius of curvature to 5 mm, including from below controlled details without her rotation, for example, of shoulder-blades turbines, of balls or running-ditches bearings, h) have possibility operative change number of the controlled parameters.
Economic parameters
i) cost is almost half as much of the weighted price the base complete similar production of oversea producers, thus profitability of production our devices can reach 100%,
j) wide use of our devices which not need in additional complete set separate expensive peripheral devices (a entablement, vernier racks and so on), will allow to decide practically all listed below tasks (see the next subsection - the "c") which occur almost on every enterprise, and gain from this significant economic impact.
c. What in your opinion is driving the need for this Innovation?
The high cost of modern devices diagnosis quality of the surfaces industrial wares, namely: profilographs-profilometers and micro-nano-durometers, does not allow provide continuous operational control of said surface at each workplace, where they are manufactured (are processed).
In addition, for provide control' of many difficult flat, cylindrical, convex, concave, curvilinear and spherical surfaces aforementioned device's require additional of expensive equipments and of sensors, that makes them uncomforta-ble in the operation and often completely unavailable to the domestic industry.
The main reason of such a state is, first, the lack of serial production in Ukraine inexpensive portable devices for operational implementation of under consideration high-tech operations, and, secondly, little-functionality and low measurement accuracy, which provide a relatively inexpensive piezoprofilometers type «Surtronik-10» (England), «TR100» (China) or «Profile 03» (Ukraine).
The above facts have a negative impact on both labor productivity so and to the operational parameters of released products, and therefore there are a number of topical problems Ukrainian (see subsection «j») and foreign customers relating to operational diagnostics micro-nano-geometrical and mechanical parameters hard-to-reach surfaces, including complex structured, for example, from biomaterials to improve performance, in particular, medical implants.
The necessity to solve the above problems and has become defining the concepts that led to the goals of the project (see subsection «a»).
The need for implementation of the proposed innovation is caused also by the fact that her application will allow:
1) to carry out operative complex diagnostics of roughness, microhardness and form’s deviations (ovality, faceting, taper) or location’s (non-perpendicularity) of closed and difficult access surfaces of details large-size, and also other wares of any sizes on place of their making, exploitation or repair,
2) rationally to use a production equipment, to economize a metal, to increase the service’s term of abrasives and other cutting tools by to time machining reduction’s of every detail due to less deviations of sizes unprocessed a details and more rapid exact providing are given’s on a drawing of roughness parameters, microhardness and deviations form or location of their surfaces,
3) to give up application on the workplaces of samples for visual comparison roughnesses, micro-nano-durometers and micrometers large or measuring staples,
4) get in the process of production and scientific researches sufficient the information volume about quality surfaces for making of the grounded recommendations on optimization and choice of parameters, which are characterize it is the quality and satisfy certain, in particular, by technological, operational, economic and other properties,
5) reduce the number of defective parts,
6) detect and quickly to liquidate deviations in tuning machine-tools for polishing and of other processing,
7) to increase longevity of various rubbing compounds as a result of continuous control of basic quality indexes of the working surfaces,
8) to simplify the certification of the produced products.
By the data «Ukrtransgaz» an annual economic effect as a result of the use of our devices will make 1 million hryvnyas.
Expected annual economic effect from using of miniprofilometers, for example, at the Kharkov plant tractor will make $ 20 thousands and will be got only due to the waiver of the use of the special samples for roughnesses visual comparison (there is the proper technical and economic assessment and calculations).
Offered devices have a unique commercial value, because are the object of serial commercial realization of numerous row of devices, which are new perspective direction in technology machine- and instrument making.
Thus, the proposed project and the technology inevitably will bring about an operative and complex estimation roughness, micro-hardness and form’s deviations or location’s of various work surfaces’s industrial of wares on place their making, exploitation or repairing by single device — diaduroprofilometer

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
The basic target customers (consumers) of products from this innovative project is: NJSC «Naftogaz Ukraine», PJSC «Ukrtransgaz», JSC «Avtramat», SE KhMP «FED», SE plant «Elektrotyazhmash», JSC «Kharkov bearing plant», JSC «Kharverst», IPMach UAS, JSC «Turboatom», Ukrzaliznicya, JSC KrTP «Konstar», JSC «Ukrenergoremont», JSC «Motor Sich», SE SMCG «Zorya»-«Mashproekt».