Energysaving rock mass destruction due to the activation of internal energy sources with an external plasma stream

Энергосберегающее разрушение породных массивов активизацией внутренних источников энергии внешним потоком индуктивной плазмы
Energy and Energy Efficiency Sustainable natural resource management Technology use new fuels, renewable and alternative energy sources Tech mining and mineral processing

Rock mass internal bonds failure in subresonant mode of external and internal energy flows’ oscillations.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
1. The use of inductive plasma stream external energy source in order to activate internal vibrations of crystalline structure atoms in rock masses.
2. Multiple resistance reduction of rock mass when internal and external sources of vibrations come into subresonance.
3. Specific energy intensity of rock mass failure is reduced no less than by 50%.

Problem solved:
1. The depletion of non-renewable energy world reserves makes it necessary to search for the methods of electric energy consumption reduction in the power-hungry area of mining.
2. Only up to 10% of a mining machine’s driving power is used for actual rock mass failure. Up to 90% of its driving power is used for prior operations such as compaction core formation, temperature, mechanical, volume, hydraulic losses etc.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Mining, natural stone processing, construction engineering.