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Developed a complete module lighting device that allows you to easily create individual ad unit bulletin board . The user buys the required number of separate units - according to the number of blocks and displayed as a child of the dice , collect the final configuration, which can be used as an alpha-numeric , graphical display . The development includes a LED light sources that can further save energy.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The design consists of a base unit - the module that contains a set of lights (red, blue and green) and a control unit. The module is able to communicate with other modules in a unique composition and has with them a common data bus via which the device receives useful information and food . Common control unit via control has the ability to turn each light source of each module to change the brightness .
For example , a user who procured him the required number of modules that can be independently without special skills , like bricks , to create light design composition : alpha-numeric signs, individual lighting devices , lighting and decorative elements that will be switched on and off according to a predetermined program in the specified the time.

Problem solved:
Illumination of office , residential premises , building facades , creating a bright advertising signs and information boards today is based not only on the principles of energy conservation, but also on the copyright , design development . For individual solutions always have to pay much more than the mass product . Thus , the production of LED advertising unit often requires considerable time, in view of the individual piece of production. In addition, the technical implementation of complex multi-color advertising signs can take a long time . Technologies seek greater harmonization and standardization, which is achieved by giving them a modular structure. The developed device allows the user to create in a short time their individual vyvevku , bulletin board , etc.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Stores, shopping centers , train stations