SOCIAL NETWORK " mutual help"

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The project contains a number of unique algorithms for the human labor expended on completely different types of jobs.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The novelty lies in the creation of a unique algorithm estimates the cost of equivalent services . The project has a unique approach to increase the awareness of society, aimed at increasing the level of humanity and culture.

Problem solved:
Everyone is different , but each has a unique talent . Some are able to repair the equipment , others - to write programs , and others - to create literary works . It is generally accepted that the equivalent of human labor is money. However, as can be expressed in terms of money creation nominal personal poems Happy birthday , or assistance in preparing for the exam ? During the period of the new economic realities of the broken things are not expedient to throw away , and the repair , spending the resources rationally . In times of economic crises required to minimize cash transactions in order to prevent inflation.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Active Internet users, young people