Pollution map of city streets

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The proposed development involves the imposition on the map of city streets (it may already exist , such as maps from Google or Yandex ) picture in real time on the degree of contamination of a roadway . Pozvoyalet decision to choose the most "clean" route for pedestrians , cyclists and others.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The novelty lies in combining maps with information on air pollution from sensors located at specific points of the highways of major cities. Allows you to plan a route not only in terms of the optimality of the distance , but the optimality of air purity . As one of the cheaper options for the deployment of the sensors , it is proposed the launch of a specialized vehicle ( robot ) to collect statistics of air pollution on the roads.

Problem solved:
The air in big cities is extremely polluted by exhaust fumes . Comprehensive drawing attention to this issue will help to minimize harmful exhaust emissions . The existence of such contaminants card allows a person to think twice about the cleanliness of the environment and the responsibility to posterity.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
Cyclists, sprinters , people leading a healthy lifestyle