Virtual Guide at railway stations and airports

Виртуальный гид по вокзалам и аэропортам
Information and Communication Technology Environment Media

The idea of the project is to create a virtual online resource maps of major airports and train stations. The development provides the ability to interactively "walk" through the halls, get directions, to identify the location of the terminal and plan sveo time.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The novelty lies in the creation of a virtual copy of the airport or the train station, the user can no sets and rush to understand where to move, how to plan your time, where to rest, and so on.

Problem solved:
Station (airport) - it's almost always rush and stress. Especially in a foreign city. Therefore, it is reasonable to develop a virtual copy of data objects to be able to review and advance planning.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
Active Internet users