Ophthalmic aberrometer

Офтальмологический аберрометр
Health care equipment and services

Purpose of the device - identifying and measuring the values ​​of aberration modes eye optical system - mod defocusing ( ametropia ) , primary astigmatism , primary coma , spherical aberration , trefoil , and similar events tetrafoylov higher degree of order . Information about the spectrum of aberration modes used by ophthalmologists in assessing the impact on the aberrations of the eye visual acuity , with conventional vision correction , contact lenses or aspheric implanted , as well as excimer laser correction forms the outer surface of the cornea.
The device uses a laser method of tracing the optical media of the eye with a thin laser beam parallel to the visual axis . Tracing beam at an angle to the visual axis . Device hardware is implemented by the opto-electronic and computer equipment using to control elements and processing of measurement results of special software. Hardware , mathematical and software are original designs.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The novelty of the innovation is to give the instrument to carry out multi-angle functionality aberrometry eye, which allows you to receive a full range of eye aberrations. This setting is not Aberrometry taking place in the global market medapparatury.V instrument used optomechanical deflector which significantly reduced the cost of the aberrometer.

Problem solved:
Lack of market aberrometers the price affordable for the vast majority of ophthalmic surgeries, clinics and hospitals, offices, import substitution similar instruments of foreign production. Equipment of medical institutions of the new and modern ophthalmic measuring apparatus

Development status:
A prototype with successful laboratory tests

Potential customers, markets:
Health facilities of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, CIS markets, foreign markets.