Ophthalmic refractometer and volume meter pseudoaccommodation

Офтальмологічний рефрактометр і вимірювач обсягу псевдоаккомодацііKeywords
Health care equipment and services

Measurement of refraction , namely parameters ametropia and primary astigmatism ( "sphere" and "cylinder" ) , as well as parameters of clinical focus ( Sturm conoid geometrical parameters ) with output recovery pseudoaccommodation artifakicheskogo or presbyopic eye .
Method for measuring refraction and clinical parameters of focus based on the analysis of three-dimensional distribution of light in the area of ​​"air ", formed by the eye optics in the reverse rays of the light in the area microspots foveola . It uses optical-electronic system with variolinzoy , optical power which is computer-controlled system for the optical interface Badalov pupil of the eye and said variolinzy , as well as high-speed video camera for recording the distribution of light in a number of cross-sections of "air " of the image of the illuminated microspots on the retina . Microspots light on the retina in the area of ​​lighting foveola formed channel - a laser diode that emits in the near infrared. Using specially developed algorithm and computer program determines the geometric parameters of refraction, focal length area and volume pseudoaccommodation.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
There are currently no devices operating simultaneously measuring refraction and volume pseudoaccommodation artifakicheskogo or presbyopic eye . The instrument is laid original principle, based on the use of a new optical element - the electrically variolinzy working on electrowetting effect . Such a lens is capable of rapid ( milliseconds ) changes in the optical power in the range of  15 diopters, need to ensure that the measurements produced by the human eye . Specified speed and range are virtually inaccessible for opto-mechanical systems with electric drives of zoom .

Problem solved:
Age-related changes in the human eye give rise to refractive error ( nearsightedness or farsightedness ) changes in the shape of the cornea and the lens, leading to the appearance of astigmatism , loss of elasticity of the lens , causing the loss of accommodative ability ( presbyopia ) , clouding of the lens (cataract )
require replacement of the lens with an artificial . Eye with an implanted lens ( artifakiicheky eye ) also has no accommodative ability . Selection of glasses , contact lenses, intraocular lens implantation should help to remedy defective vision and provide the highest possible volume pseudoaccommodation . This requires preoperative and postoperative measurements of refractive error and volume pseudoaccommodation . Domestic production of ophthalmic refractometer is not performed , their presence in medical facilities is provided only at the expense of imports. The ability to measure the length of the focal region refractometers foreign production is absent, as they are not provided with such a function . In connection with the promotion of the above innovations in production and clinical application will not only contribute to import substitution , but also improve the efficiency of aberration correction of deficiencies person.

Development status:
Prototype with initial laboratory tests

Potential customers, markets:
Health facilities of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, CIS markets, foreign markets.