Tools for controlled hypothermia in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Інcтрумент для керованої гіпотермії пацієнтів з серцево судинною патологієюKeywords
Health care equipment and services

Tools for controlled hypothermia is a set of disposable consumables vest for hypothermia as part of warming/cooling of the patient, thus increasing term viability of heart tissue and brain in acute myocardial infarction and circulatory disorders.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
1. Normalize homeostasis, reduced oxygen consumption, improve heart function;
2. Reduce the area of brain tissue damage in ischemic stroke;
3. To reduce the possibility of wound infection;
4. Increase survival and reduce the number of adverse neurological symptoms in patients who are at resuscitation.

Problem solved:
For patients who are at resuscitation, the use of controlled hypothermia tool will increase their survival and reduce the number of adverse neurological symptoms during rehabilitation.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Potential users of the tool for controlled hypothermia are State National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named N. Amosov, State National Institute «Surgery and Transplantology» named A.A. Shalimov.